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DKP (point system) Guidelines

The point system I plan to use has three goals.

1) I want members to be urged to participate as often as possible, so points will be given out based on attendance.

2) I want members to be rewarded proportionally to how often they attend events, so 5 points will be the most points that will be lost to win any one item.

3) I want members to get equipment that will help them grow, and consequently help the whole group grow, so there will be a "need" first type of looting.

The Basics: All linkshell organized events (even if organized on the fly) will reward one point for full attendance and participation. You need at least 3 points to roll on any items dropped, and people who would "need" the item would be rolling. If nobody "needs" the item, then greed rolling will take place for the same amount of points. If nobody wants to greed roll, the item will be up for free roll with no point consequences. If you roll with 3-5 points all of your points will reset if you get the item. If you have over 5 points, you will have 5 points subtracted from your total upon winning the item. All points will be kept track of on the Cloudy website and will be updated after each event.

What is "need" : Need will be something determined by the officers and myself. We will decide based on which classes will get the most optimal use from the item, but will generally be broader than just one specific class having "need" basis.

If you can't attend an entire event, officers and myself will determine if you have been at the event long enough to get credit, but if you come to an event, you are expected to stay for the duration as long as RL situations aren't allowing you.

These guidelines will be subject to change, especially point amounts, after determining how easy/difficult endgame content turns out to be. This will be the general idea of our system unless we all decide as a group to change it.

Nobody is required to come to any event, but Cloudy will function at it's best if we have dedicated players who want to work together to further the group.

If anyone has any specific questions you can PM me, or post a question in the forums.