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Rank: Cloudy Soldier
Online: over 5 years ago
Joined: Jun 19, 2010
Nick Name: velveteen, rabbit, violet, you get the idea ><
Gender: Female
Country: United States
State/Province: Kansas
City: Somewhere over the rainbow
Im a very sarcastic person but its all in good fun so don't take me to seriously :) umm Im not good at about me sections but a few basic facts are I work at a theater i love and hate my job, most of the time i hate it. I was going to culinary school so someday i could own my own bakery but i stopped and am now going into forensic science/arts . I do make wedding/birthdays cakes sometimes for some extra cash $.$.
I like to help people (to the point if im not helping i feel useless) so if you need help just ask me and i'll try my best ^.^
My favorite color changes... as i'm writing this it is blue. I can be very random sometimes.
Things i like are fire, video games, cooking, Photoshop, music, archery, hot chocolate, and other things
I dislike children(yelling ones), customers at work, elevators, aliens, and i cant think of anything else
I am a some what open person. so if you want to know something just ask.

PSN: Lastel

If you add me to anything make sure you tell me your from cloudy if your name/email is different from your name on here.
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