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(Jul 09, 2013)
For anyone who cares alot of old cloudy people are moving to Hyperion. Some are also making brand new chars on ultros
(Jun 27, 2013)
add me on AIM: LezardV4leth or skype:
(Jun 27, 2013)
Im going to move my dude to Ragnarok. If anyone reads this and wants to join in another server let me know
(Jun 27, 2013)
Yo, Im hoping SOMEONE will come back and read this before the server transfers xP But Im planning on playing ARR
(May 16, 2012)
i see so this is where lastel ran off to /sigh well it seems i couldnt bring cloudy back togeather then joined star wars and now back on ff14 kinda miss u guys but after all this is the life of a gamer
(Apr 25, 2012) new cloudy site for tera.
(Apr 24, 2012)
Lastel, DeviousKitty, Madwraith, Noble Crow, and me on Valley of Titans server TERA Online!
(Apr 22, 2012)
Valley of the Titians instead of dragon fall
(Apr 19, 2012)
Sweet, I might check it out!
(Apr 15, 2012)
O yea, we are on Dragonfall server.
(Apr 13, 2012)
Hey nooblets! yours truly and Kitty are gonna be playing TERA online together if you guys happen to see this! join us!
(Jan 30, 2012)
Well this certainly is interesting
(Nov 04, 2011)
to all our old cloudy members anyone who happens to log on and sees this just to let you know there are still a few active cloudy member and give ffxiv another try if anything look at ffxic 2.0 and see what u think
(Oct 24, 2011)
*rummages around in dead abandoned bodies in search of essentials to survive post apocalyptic linkshell*
(Oct 24, 2011)
everyones gone ; ;
(Apr 29, 2011)
if you are lurking for FFXIV check out our new site @ bomb toss and I encourage you to test the new battle system/dungeons This May!!!
(Apr 04, 2011)
miss you Mei!! pm me!!
(Apr 03, 2011)
peekaboo. sorry guys, my new life has no time for ffxiv. i still wanna play but i expect the game to be around for years to come, so it'll have to wait. hope u guys are still around when the time comes. best wishes and take care
(Apr 03, 2011)
(Apr 03, 2011)
Hey Cloudy ^.^ Hope all is well! -Daj